ZÜCA has been on a roll since 2004, making lives better—and making people smile—with our patented, super-durable and versatile, fashionable carry-all bags. We have revolutionized how people transport their belongings by helping them get around in a healthy way. Kids can transport all of their books without straining their backs, and they can grab a seat anywhere. Professionals can organize and protect their tools and samples on the go—and look totally put together for every client meeting. Travelers & pets can move in style. ZÜCA bags are perfect for today's fast-paced, always-on-the-go lifestyles, and are now a global sensation.

Who tells our story best? Our customers! We deeply appreciate their enthusiasm and support. Our goal is to keep innovating so we can serve the needs of more customers in new markets worldwide. We mean it when we say we're passionately committed to making our customers' lives better.

The best part? ZÜCA isn' t just made to love—it's built to last. Our story is a happy one and we've only just begun!